The Sky Is Falling. The Money's All Gone.

Lucky Pierre Free University 

Lucky Pierre as Lucky Pierre Free University directed the collaborative seminar in the UK and the US - The Sky Is Falling. The Money's All Gone. Over a period of 10 weeks LPFU facilitators and participants developed creative responses to themes of environmental and economic fragility. The concluding event, Works Against Despair, featured presentations, performances, and gallery works displayed in the Propeller Fund Project Space at Mana Contemporary.​


We are living in a time of unprecedented technological wonder and the alarming consequences of unchecked "growth,” as natural, industrial and economic disasters threaten the patterns of ordinary life.  How can artists respond to and work against despair amid this ongoing economic, environmental, and social fragility? Are we the relief workers of the new collapse?



holly abney, robin bale, jorge jose bolanos, selina bonelli, ira brand, leo damian dorsey, hannah gardiner, justin goh, alyn gwyndaf, karyn hair, ashley hollingshead, bettina johnson, kevin kaempf, mike lahood, anne langford, nina lawrin,  heather lindahl, lora lode, gwenn-ael lynn, lynn lu, ross middleton, martina nehrling, sara nelson, matthew nicholas, ian nulty, lara oppenheimer, katheryn owens, mary paterson, amaara raheem, john rich, matthew robinson, emerson sigman, peter smart, bill talsma, michael thomas, verena van den berg, dolores wilber, moses williams, melanie jame wolf, sara zaltash, mary zerkel

The Sky Is Falling. The Money's All Gone - Lucky Pierre Free University