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Final Meals is a community-based performance/video installation. Each final meal as published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since 1982 is prepared, consumed, and filmed. Lucky Pierre and volunteers from the community cook recreations of the final meals requested by Texas death row inmate​

Embedded algorithms, queerness, surveillance, Costco. ​ A performance, sales pitch, dance party, crypto-currency launch event.  Get in on the ground floor.  Welcome to the end of the world.


Upcoming dates:

Light Box, Detroit,  April 11

Toronto, Oct.26 - Nov.1  


Currently a part of :

Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System

Tufts University Art Gallery

January 23 - April 19, 2020


Movie Stars Live Here

I Married Wyatt Earp​


No No I Was Sleeping


Lucky Pierre Speaks Urban Format Radio​

36-Hour Evangeline
(Evangeline Trilogy)​

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American Slut 

A Thing of Great Power and Size Has Gone Missing

Playing in the Dark

In a gesture of reaching for creativity, community, and love, and away from destruction, isolation, and shame, Lucky Pierre presents Playing in the Dark, an art exhibition and series of events to take place at PO Box Collective during the month of March 2020. 


This show both commemorates the life of late LP member (and fun-seeker) Bill Talsma, and opens a broader conversation with the community about memory and loss, humor and shame, healing and art. A small sampling of selected works by Talsma will be on display along with access to a digital archive of his projects and ephemera of the past 20+ years. 


Artists, musicians, and friends who have collaborated with or feel inspired by Bill are invited to contribute a creative response to the archive which will be included in a larger retrospective in the fall. 



Bill Talsma - "Roommates" 2012, ballpoint pen on paper


Opening Celebration

4-7 pm, Live music, Drinks



Art That Is Longing to Appear

4-7 pm

Event for artist-contributors (new and current contributors are encouraged to attend)  

Attendees will dive into the exhibition and archive, discuss ideas, share finished pieces, workshop pieces still in progress, and get the inspiration juices flowing for new contributors to create a piece for the fall exhibition



“All the Places I've Lived” Community performance and storytelling workshop 

3-5 pm

Community members are invited to join us in a workshop in which they will meditate on the physical spaces we inhabit, and the personal stories evoked by the act of remembering those spaces. Attendees will learn about Talsma’s "All the Places I’ve Lived," and then draw basic floor plans of the places they have lived. Their own personal place-memories will be the basis for the storytelling portion of the performance workshop. 



Discussion group: Art and Mental Health 

3-5 pm

Community discussion on frameworks for healing and de-stigmatizing mental suffering. Mental health professionals and artists will provide their unique perspectives and experience with finding peace, community, and recovery from crisis.



Closing celebration (activities TBA)

4-7 pm

March 1 - 29, 2020
PO Box Collective

6900 North Glenwood Ave., Chicago

What We Don't Talk About

Emerson Takes a Walk

Rock and Roll: Impatience

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