A Thing of Great Power and Size Has Gone Missing​

At the Comfort Station Chicago,  Lucky Pierre created A Thing of Great Power and Size has Gone Missing (October 7, 2001 - Present)The project will featured an extensive timeline citing historical, political, and social events occurring during the U.S. led war on terror, including the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The focus was on human body and its destruction, control and exploitation in these conflicts. The timeline was a visual marker and memorial to the many bodies now disappeared due to these ongoing conflicts.


The timeline and events during the run of the show contrasted the disappearance of those bodies from the collective consciousness with the cultural saturation of the idealized bodies of popular films. The films used, corresponding to the 16 years of war,  act as source material for the opening community-based event , and re-edited versions screened for final event. By using the highest-grossing domestic films duringt he  war years, we  explore the interconnectedness of American values, cultural production, national/military policy, as well as official and alternative methods of historicizing.


A Thing of Great Power and Size Has Gone Missing - Comfort Station, Chicago