Members past and present:

Mary Zerkel, Michael Thomas, Holly Abney, Kevin Kaempf, Matthew Nicholas, Heather Lindahl, Jeff Kowalkowski, Bill Talsma, Ian Hatcher, Noah Loesberg, Vincent Dermody, Joseph Silovsky, Tyler Myers, Kerry Hayes, Vicki Walden, Jason Greenberg, Karen Christopher, Travis Hale


Lucky Pierre is an internationally recognized Chicago based art-making group working in performance, writing, objects, events, education and activism. They have  created over 30 works, initiatives and events.  Their community-based piece and 150-hour video “Final Meals” has been filmed and shown around the world - most recently at Contemporary Art Museum Houston and the Tate Modern - as well as venues in Berlin, Portland, Frankfurt, New York, Graz, Austin, Detroit, Boston, and St. Louis.  “How to Manage Fear”, a live performance, was featured at the Eurokaz International Theater Festival in Zagreb, and the Belluard Bollwerk Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland.  The 12-hour live and streaming event “I Hate America! (I Love America),” premiered simultaneously in London and Chicago and featured over 50 international collaborators and performers.  In 2012 the group launched LPFU (Lucky Pierre Free University) as a venue for research-based group learning and creation. 


We work collaboratively.