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Watch the Spring 2020 Presentations:

Session 5: JEFF KOWALKOWSKI - The Jeff Kowalkowski Musical Experience  

Session 2: KAREN CHRISTOPHER - (Are you in the Universe) or is the Universe in you? LOOKING AT THE SMALL THINGS
— IN TWO PARTS (expect disappointment) 

Session 6: IAN HATCHER - Data Recovery Workshop

Session 7: DAVID KODESKI - And Crackers Will Have Blond Hair, All In Boise, Idaho

Session 1: MATTHEW NICHOLAS - Cooking with Matthew  


Session 9: BETTINA JOHNSON & MARY ZERKEL - Art and Abolition: a starting discussion 

Actions for Chicago Torture Justice - bronze plaque

Session 4: BARRY COLE - Beyond the Webinar: What Else Can We  Do With Zoom?‚Äč

Session 8: LAURA SHAEFFER - Six Years at Home School

Session 4: BARRY COLE - Beyond the Webinar: What Else Can We Do With Zoom?

Session 8: LAURA SHAEFFER - Six Years at Home School

Session 10:  EDWARD THOMAS-HERRERA  - Eternal/Unfinished: a prologue and presentation in 13 parts

Session 11:  MEREDITH NEUMAN  - Widows and Orphans; or Loss and Longing in the Archive

Session 12:  JEANNE LAMBIN  - The Museum of the Ordinary Extraordinary

Session 13:  LUCKY PIERRE  - Future. Perfect

ART & ABOLITION RESOURCE LIST (resources referenced during discussion)

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