A CONTINUOUS 12-HOUR CONVERSATION / PRESENTATION ABOUT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION ON ELECTION DAY, 2012 America/n was presented on Presidential Election Day, November 6th 2012, during polling hours (6:00 am to 7:00 pm) at . Lucky Pierre and 24 guest presenters worked through the American project as defined by the United States Constitution


Each presenter was invited to research, interpret, rewrite or otherwise respond to a pre-selected section of the US Constitution. Each had 20-minutes to report their “findings” in whatever form they chose (discussions / songs / performances / polemics/ lectures). The daylong event was free and open to all, creating a public space to collectively learn, have fun, argue, discuss, and reflect.



Amber Ginsburg & Tom Ginsburg, John Rich, David Kodeski, Robin Cline, Edward Thomas-Herrera, Laura Stempel, Davy K., Aaron Maier (Everything Is Terrible), Brandon Alvendia, Jennifer Karmin, Marc Fischer, Melinda Fries, David Isaacson (Theater Oobleck), Chris Schoen (Theater Oobleck), Jen Blair, Honorable Judge Jim Snyder, Andrew Fenchel & Alisa Wolfson (Lampo), Matthew Nicholas, Paul Durica (Pocket Guide to Hell), Anne Elizabeth Moore, Jeff Kowalkowski, Don Washington (Mayoral Tutorial), Robert Metrick, Barrie Cole.