What We Don't Talk About:

12 Hour Conversation About the War in Afghanistan

A decade into America’s war in Afghanistan, we realized we knew little about the war, we didn’t talk about it—we had made no sacrifices for it. The piece organized and hosted by Lucky Pierre, was created by 24 guest presenters who researched about the war and the country and presented their “findings” to the public for 12 hours—free of charge—on the 10th anniversary of the Afghan conflict. Presenters included artists, activists, historians, researchers, veterans, and soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan. 



nance klehm, mary zerkel/michael thomas, eric egler,  jen blair/Staff Sergeant Jensen (soldier in Afghanistan), laura stempel, marc fischer, holly abney, jeffrey kowalkowski, matthew nicholas, rana siegel, david isaacson, bill talsma, bob palmer, kevin kaempf, paul durica, mary patten, kelli cousins, mary dean, edward thomas-herrera, nick bastis, chris schoen, david kodeski


What We Don't Talk About