Final Meals is a community-based performance/video installation. Each final meal as published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since 1982 is prepared, consumed, and filmed. Lucky Pierre and volunteers from the community cook recreations of the final meals requested by Texas death row inmate​.

"Future. Perfect" is a collaborative multimedia performance, sales pitch, dance party, lecture, crypto-currency launch event in the age of computing and chaos. Fantastical embedded algorithms, surveillance, digital and financial systems, and some adorable queer forest creatures welcome you to the end of the world. An end of the world that might be utopia or maybe just a trip to Costco.


Upcoming dates:

7a*11d International Performance Festival, Toronto, Oct.26 - Nov.1  


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American Slut 

A Thing of Great Power and Size Has Gone Missing

What We Don't Talk About

Emerson Takes a Walk

Rock and Roll: Impatience

How To Manage Fear​

Future. Perfect

Lucky Pierre Free University
HOME SCHOOL - Spring 2020


LPFU ”Home School” is a twice-weekly series of on-line presentations, workshops, performances, discussions and unclassifiable events. 


Each Sunday at 2 pm and Wednesday at 7 pm LPFU will host scholars, activists, educators, artists and performers, doing what they do and sharing what they know.


An ever-growing schedule of upcoming presenters and topics is available on the Lucky Pierre Facebook page and at


FREE AND OPEN TO ALL   -  Come get schooled with us!

Lucky Pierre Free University was established in 2012 as free art school focused on community-based group learning.  All classes, seminars and events are open to all. 


BARRY COLE - Beyond the Webinar: What Else Can We  Do With Zoom?

Dancer Felicia Ballos will be joining us from a forest in upstate New York. Felicia will walk her one time collaborator and college mate Heather Lindahl (who will be in an Illinois forest preserve) through a guided session. Part performance, part nature walk, part movement class, part meditation. 

To attend a session, click on REGISTER NOW next to the session date.  You'll receive a link to the on-line meeting 24 hours before it begins.  

Playing in the Dark

In a gesture of reaching for creativity, community, and love, and away from destruction, isolation, and shame, Lucky Pierre presents Playing in the Dark, commemorating the life of late LP member (and fun-seeker) Bill Talsma, and opens a broader conversation with the community about memory and loss, humor and shame, healing and art. 


Artists, musicians, and friends who have collaborated with or feel inspired by Bill are invited to contribute a creative response to the archive which will be included in a larger retrospective in the fall. Please contact us if you're interested in participating



Bill Talsma - "Roommates" 2012, ballpoint pen on paper

MATTHEW NICHOLAS - "Cooking with Matthew"  


Matthew will be using his Aunt Vicky's recipe for kibbeh while discussing food as an artifact in familial cultural memory.


JEFF KOWALKOWSKI - "The Jeff Kowalkowski Musical Experience"  Live Music and Discussion 

KAREN CHRISTOPHER - (Are you in the Universe) or is the Universe in you? LOOKING AT THE SMALL THINGS —
IN TWO PARTS (expect disappointment) a performance lecture​

Part one: We cannot protect ourselves from bad behavior or mistakes or pitfalls.
Part two: a dandelion growing in deep in the ear canal

IAN HATCHER - "Data Recovery Workshop" performance/lecture

Wednesday June 3, 7pm CST

DAVID KODESKI - "And Crackers Will Have Blond Hair, All In Boise, Idaho" 

What happens when we look at Zoom as an art medium? Is It possible to transmit experiences of touch, taste, and smell through Zoom? Instead of faces, can the frames of zoom frame other objects, experiences, or ideas? How can we use the mute button, the chatbox, the name change feature,  background choices,  and more in new and unusual ways? Let's rethink zoom in a discussion with experiments.​

Jeffery Kowalkowski will present his Piano Quintet,(1991) along with the original works PTSD song and Bill Phone followed by a talk of structure and concept.​  Kowalkowski (1967) is a composer.  He has been a  member of Lucky Pierre for decades.

A performance lecture on digitality and archives consisting of collaged fragments of unmade performances, scraps of teenage diaries, and other temporarily resurrected long-dead filesystem ephemera. ​Ian Hatcher is a writer, vocalist, programmer, and performance artist whose work focuses on human/machine dynamics. He is the author of a poetry collection, Prosthesis, and numerous mixed media projects. Selected as a Fulbright Scholar to Norway, he will teach at the University of Bergen in 2020-21. 

For decades communities in the United States have attempted to rid themselves of Homosexuals and their Influences. Known Homosexual David Kodeski will take a look at various attempts at reducing the number of roaming bands of Sodomites and offenders engaging in Infamous Crimes Against Nature by using contemporary news stories, prison records, and statements made by individuals who took the law into their own hands.​ David Kodeski is a writer and researcher who lives in Chicago

LAURA SHAEFFER - "Six Years at Home School"

In this interview with Laura Shaeffer we will discuss her project "Home School 3" - an alternative learning environment - in connection with her current project space Compound Yellow within the context of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.​