Final Meals is a community-based performance/video installation. Each final meal as published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since 1982 is prepared, consumed, and filmed. Lucky Pierre and volunteers from the community cook recreations of the final meals requested by Texas death row inmate​.

"Future. Perfect" is a collaborative multimedia performance, sales pitch, dance party, lecture, crypto-currency launch event in the age of computing and chaos. Fantastical embedded algorithms, surveillance, digital and financial systems, and some adorable queer forest creatures welcome you to the end of the world. An end of the world that might be utopia or maybe just a trip to Costco.




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American Slut 

A Thing of Great Power and Size Has Gone Missing

What We Don't Talk About

Emerson Takes a Walk

Rock and Roll: Impatience

How To Manage Fear​

Future. Perfect

Lucky Pierre Free University
HOME SCHOOL - Spring 2020


LPFU Home School is a  series of on-line presentations, workshops, performances, discussions and unclassifiable events featuring scholars, activists, educators, artists and performers, doing what they do and sharing what they know.



FREE AND OPEN TO ALL   -  Come get schooled with us!

Lucky Pierre Free University was established in 2012 as free art school focused on community-based group learning.  All classes, seminars and events are open to all. 


Playing in the Dark

In a gesture of reaching for creativity, community, and love, and away from destruction, isolation, and shame, Lucky Pierre presents Playing in the Dark, commemorating the life of late LP member (and fun-seeker) Bill Talsma, and opens a broader conversation with the community about memory and loss, humor and shame, healing and art. 


Artists, musicians, and friends who have collaborated with or feel inspired by Bill are invited to contribute a creative response to the archive which will be included in a larger retrospective in the fall. Please contact us if you're interested in participating



Bill Talsma - "Roommates" 2012, ballpoint pen on paper

We're on summer break, so watch all the incredible
Spring 2020 Presentations:

Session 5: JEFF KOWALKOWSKI - The Jeff Kowalkowski Musical Experience  

Session 2: KAREN CHRISTOPHER - (Are you in the Universe) or is the Universe in you? LOOKING AT THE SMALL THINGS
— IN TWO PARTS (expect disappointment) 

Session 6: IAN HATCHER - Data Recovery Workshop

Session 7: DAVID KODESKI - And Crackers Will Have Blond Hair, All In Boise, Idaho

Session 1: MATTHEW NICHOLAS - Cooking with Matthew  


Session 9: BETTINA JOHNSON & MARY ZERKEL - Art and Abolition: a starting discussion 

Actions for Chicago Torture Justice - bronze plaque

past projects

about Lucky Pierre

Lucky Pierre is an internationally recognized Chicago based art-making group working in performance, writing, objects, events, education and activism. They have  created over 30 works, initiatives and events.  Their community-based piece and 150-hour video “Final Meals” has been filmed and shown around the world - most recently at Contemporary Art Museum Houston  - as well as venues in Berlin, Portland, Frankfurt, New York, Graz, Austin, Detroit, Boston, and St. Louis.  “How to Manage Fear”, a live performance, was featured at the Eurokaz International Theater Festival in Zagreb, and the Belluard Bollwerk Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland.  The 12-hour live and streaming event “I Hate America! (I Love America),” premiered simultaneously in London and Chicago and featured over 50 international collaborators and performers.  In 2012 the group launched LPFU (Lucky Pierre Free University) as a venue for research-based group learning and creation. 


We work collaboratively.

members past and present:

Mary Zerkel, Michael Thomas, Holly Abney, Kevin Kaempf, Matthew Nicholas, Heather Lindahl, Jeff Kowalkowski, Bill Talsma, Ian Hatcher, Noah Loesberg, Vincent Dermody, Joseph Silovsky, Tyler Myers, Kerry Hayes, Vicki Walden, Jason Greenberg, Karen Christopher, Travis Hale

Session 4: BARRY COLE - Beyond the Webinar: What Else Can We  Do With Zoom?​

Session 8: LAURA SHAEFFER - Six Years at Home School

Session 4: BARRY COLE - Beyond the Webinar: What Else Can We Do With Zoom?

Session 8: LAURA SHAEFFER - Six Years at Home School

Session 10:  EDWARD THOMAS-HERRERA  - Eternal/Unfinished: a prologue and presentation in 13 parts

Session 11:  MEREDITH NEUMAN  - Widows and Orphans; or Loss and Longing in the Archive

Session 12:  JEANNE LAMBIN  - The Museum of the Ordinary Extraordinary

Thanks to all the presenters and attendees of the Spring Session.  We'll be back soon with more presentations

Session 13:  LUCKY PIERRE  - Future. Perfect

It's Always Right Now! Shared Analysis for Action  2 Part Series​




"One never knows when conditions may give rise to a conjuncture such as the current one, that rapidly shifts popular consciousness and suddenly allows us to move in the direction of radical change."— Angela Davis on Democracy Now, June 12, 2020


What is a conjuncture and how can we use the opportunity of one to be strategic? How can we be nimble in our organizing to adjust to the historic moment?


This is the first session of a two-part workshop is an opportunity to learn some tools that you can use now and later to develop shared analysis with your comrades, help situate your struggle within the moment, recognize points of leverage and move toward action.


The second session will take place on July 16th at 6pm.Join our learning community as we use these tools to develop a shared analysis of THIS historic moment.Join on a computer if possible, we'll be using zoom and google for interactive ways of developing the analysis.


Link will be shared HERE on the day of the event.


Co-sponsored by PO Box Collective, American Friends Service Committee-Chicago, Lucky Pierre Free University, and StopCVE Chicago

Part 1 - Wednesday July 8, 6pm CDT 

Part 2 - Thursday July 16, 6pm CDT

ART & ABOLITION RESOURCE LIST (resources referenced during discussion)